The Power Trading with RSI is one of the most popular of our training courses. It is power packed with information and money making ideas. You will get to learn about the RSI in sufficient depth so that you can do all or many of the following! Through practice, you should soon be able to do all these and more too.

  • You will get 7 Power Set Ups …that will help you to identify the trends and set up the trades.
  • You will get the correct set of Trading Rules and Indicator settings to work the RSI more efficiently.
  • Correct Entries and Exits based on RSI will be highlighted during the program.
  • How to define stop-loss and even targets using the RSI
  • Ways to scan the RSI to get a ready list of stocks to trade or analyze.
  • Ways to filter the best trades from a large list
  • How to avoid the fake moves.
  • How to take guesswork out of your analysis.

You also get access to the recording of this seminar whenever you need.

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    • Trend Identification
    • Overbought / Oversold
    • Divergence
    • Multi Collinearity
  • RSI
    • Small dose of mathematics
    • Divergence:
      • Types of Divergences
      • How to Trade Long Term Divergence
      • How to Trade Short Term Divergence (Punch Signals)
    • The Range Rules:
      • Bull and Bear Zones
      • How to trade into the Zones (Trading Setups)
    • Reversals:
      • Positive and Negative
      • Price Targeting
      • Naked and Enhanced Signals
    • Trend Analysis Guidelines:
      • Measuring the Trend Strength using RSI
    • Seven Powerful Trading Setups
    • Biases to avoid while Trading with RSI

Although any one with understanding of basic technical analysis can attend this course, those who have attended the Advanced Technical Analysis course before, would gain more benefit from it.