The Advanced Course takes what is learnt in the Power Trading Course to the next level. This course will give your more broad and holistic view of RSI. It focuses on RSI using as an standalone system to trade markets in the most advanced way. In this course we introduce the participants to propriety trend and trade models.

This course is conducted online. It is designed to move in a fast paced manner as the participants are expected to be very well versed with the basic set ups explained in The Power Trading Module.

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  • RSI
  • Why do we follow famous 60 – 40 levels?
  • Traditional RSI
  • The Cardwell’s RSI – Unconventional Way!
  • Flaws in using RSI “unconventionally”
  • RSI Wedge & Medium
  • Medium Logic
  • The RSI Divergences
  • RSI Signals.
  • The RSI Flare
  • Reversals based on Supports & Resistance
  • Efficacy of Reversals
  • The Quick Reversals
  • RSI Triangles
  • RSI Compress
  • Moving beyond RSI 14
  • Axis Points.
  • The TR – Time Reciprocity
  • When RSI Fails!
  • Corresponding Signals in Time Frames.
  • Inconsonant Signals in Time Frames.
  • TD – Time Disparity.
  • TFP – Time Frame Pointers.
  • Projecting Price Targets.
  • The Expedition Factor.
  • The High Probability 4 to 10 star Signals!!
  • Time Frame Selection – Short Term Traders / Long Term Traders
  • The Volume Based RSI
  • RSI and MACD
  • RSI and Stochastics
  • The Volatility RSI
  • Practical Guidelines
  • Real Time Example
  • Private Sessions (On demand)

Although any one with understanding of basic technical analysis can attend this course, those who have attended the RSI-Headstart course before, would gain more benefit from it.