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5 Reasons Why Traders Fail (and How to Prevent Them)

In order to win in trades, you must first know how not to lose. So if you’re a trader, stop incessantly reading about ways how to make more money from stock trading. Instead, first learn how you can prevent any such disappointment.

Note, this isn’t being cynic but rather having a risk management strategy that counters and cushions all your falls efficiently, paving you a way to higher profits. Read more

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5 Risk Management Tips for the New Stock Traders

Risk management is an art that comes with experience. It’s an integral part of successful trading. Sadly in the mix to find “best strategy” and make money quickly, many new traders miss this.

At large, stock trading is all about balancing risks- finding that sweet spot where risk is low and reward high. Every decision you take, every move you make is directed to avert the involved risks and maximize returns. And for this reason, having a separate risk management plan is no less than essential.

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