Have you been in a situation where your major investment in a stock or commodity was keeping you awake at night? You had read somewhere, or heard from a well-meaning friend that this was a sure winner, and you went ahead and took a significant exposure. Now you are not so sure. Have you chopped off your own head?

Or suppose you are thinking of taking a large exposure on some stock, commodity or FX pair and you wish to check out if RSI offer some clues. You would love to hear an expert’s unbiased view, but you didn’t know whom to turn to. Now you have a choice. Imagine how much money you could save if you knew the critical levels and where we are in the RSI Analysis

The WaveMetric Advantage

Our followers include money managers at globally reputed financial institutions and hedge funds. Some of their trading decisions can literally move the markets. Whether you are contemplating a new trade or you are worried about an existing position, you now have the opportunity to discuss that with us. It doesn’t matter which market your stock or commodity trades in. We can give you valuable insights that will help you handle your positions with confidence.  You can choose a personalized set of three or four charts with our comments on what the outlook is from an Technical point of view