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Why Indicators and Oscillators Fail!

False Signals with Technical Indicators

Nothing in trading is 100% and no one knows for sure the future of price action.

After all, if everyone could predict the trajectory of stock prices, we would all be millionaires and billionaires. The truth is that every technical indicator fails and we all need to know how to handle this reality.

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Are you still making less than 10% from the stock markets?

Extracting money from the stock markets is a difficult task! But if you have the right tools with the right mindset this daunting task can get bit easier! In the current month we offered discussion on some of the stocks that were bustling with energy in on the ticker! Some of our recommendations were extra ordinary while some were decent. These two recommendations registered more than 10% increase within a month! Read more

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This stock surged 21% in just 2 days!!! Did you trade it?

Jindal Steel surged 21% in just 2 trading sessions. Traders often tend to miss out such moves, and general retail investors notice the counter once the move has taken place! But can you catch such moves before it takes place. Here is how you can do it!

In our flagship service “#ThePit” we have recommended Jindal Steel to our members to buy on 16/2/17 two session before the move took place. Here is what we presented: Read more

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The Makings of a Super Trader

Ever wondered what makes some super traders, super? Their ingenuities are the main reason of their success. Their quality and ability to think differently makes them earn more money than others. Usually their success is termed as luck, bad market or possibly a dreadful system. However, it’s their eminence which keeps them distinguished from others. They are the outliers in true sense. Read more

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Elliot Wave Theory: Myths & Fears

In this article we shall demystify 5 fears and myths of the Elliot Wave Theory.  The Elliott Wave Principle is a form of technical analysis that traders use to forecast market trends. It is observed that many people don’t understand the meaning of it and therefore, misinterpret it. They relate to it emotionally instead of practically, which is often in a negative approach. It is also known that some people state, the Elliott Wave “must be some type of cult”. But in actuality nobody has to shave the head or drink goat’s blood while humming ‘Hare Krishna’. In fact it takes very little to be an Elliott practitioner. However, the reason the theory is being criticized is: Read more